Elements of a Senior Thesis

The elements that make up the elements of a senior thesis comprise some core areas. We shall be taking a look at the core elements that make up the senior thesis. Here we go!

The choice of thesis topic

The tropic says all about your thesis. It involves the theoretical questions that you wish to answer or the phenomenon that you wished to study. The topic should cover the geographical area that you wished to cover. The choice of the topic that you have worked on before will bring the best results out of you. In the introduction, your topic must be discussed making emphasis on its importance and how you developed an interest in the topic.

Research question

This is a critical aspect that must be dealt with by every student. The question should be one that will keep you busy all through a semester’s work. When you are asking a question that other scholars have asked before; you must be ready to discuss what they have researched before and you must point out the deficiencies in their former work. 

The research question must be able to address a particular debate among scholars that is restricted to the literature review. The answer to the research question should be relevant to other scholars; it is left for every student to articulate his points very well.  

Literature review

Every student should have an understanding of the literature of the thesis that they wanted to work on because it will form the basis of the effort. It is expected of every student to come up with a review of the work of others and come up with the reasons that made them to their conclusion on their work. The combinations of their assumptions; what are the central findings or the conclusions that informed their findings and theoretical framework.

What are the shortcomings of their results that you intended to correct? It is expected that every student must be focused on the execution of the literature review. The questions that you are going to raise on the work of past scholars should be ones you can give a convincing answer to.

Approach to evidence

How are you going to give answers to the questions that are being asked based on results on scientific findings? What are the causes that you intended to study and why? What are the text you wish to address and the lens you intended to use in addressing them? It is important to ensure that your research strategy is linked to the question you intended to answer.

If it is hypothesis testing, you have to follow a theoretical framework and must show how you are going to move ahead with the testing of the hypothesis. The thesis must show forth your creative efforts which will go all the way to add legit to your work. 

Analysis of evidence

When you have gotten some evidence before you based on your research schedules; you can now use this section to carry out a detailed analysis of the evidence that you have before you. The organization of this section is subject to the nature of your question and the research strategy that you have adopted.


The question that you are out to answer must be stated here and the summary of what you have emphasized in your introduction and body of the thesis can be included here. The importance of your new findings and their relevance of it to society should be stated here. The limitations of your work should be stated for future scholars to work on.

Final thoughts

The tips that you have just gone through represent the elements that are involved in the senior thesis.