Choosing Dissertation Topics In Higher Education

If there is anything that causes students uncalled for trouble is the process of choosing dissertation topics in higher education (to avoid these troubles, visit Topics Base and get some writing inspiration). This is because a topic is not just a collection of words but rather a radar that controls the direction of the rest of the work. Sometimes it is not what to say but how to say it that makes the difference. The topic of a thesis is just a small part of the paper but it carries a lot of weight. It determines the scope of the study which in term determines how far one can go in their search. Consequently, the choice of a topic should be made after all the aforementioned considerations have been made. Characteristics of a good topic include:

  • Befitting scope: One should avoid a too wide scope that makes focusing hard or a too narrow scope that limits them.
  • Precise: it should clearly highlight the theme but not too detailed as this will affect its length and strength.
  • Popular: A good topic should be one that is already trending or is starting to gain popularity. People are more interested in current affairs than matters of the past.
  • Be of interest to the evaluator: For an educational dissertation, students care about the scores on a paper more than its contribution to the body of knowledge. If the evaluator takes personal interest in a certain topic, they will enjoy going through the paper. Again, they are more likely to be generous with their marks to the advantage of the student.

The following are suggestions of topics that one can explore

  1. Exploring the benefits of both parents’ presence in parenting
  2. Substance abuse: the main cause of increased suicide cases
  3. Leniency in Juvenile courts is a high contributor to crime cases
  4. Adjusting the education system in the bid to produce more productive citizens
  5. The effects of technological advancement on moral standards
  6. The rich work for the wealthy: Discuss
  7. Increasing banking rates to boost economic growth in developing countries
  8. Exploring the effects of divorce on the children’s view of marriage
  9. There is a positive correlation between childhood experiences and adulthood behavior
  10. E-learning is slowly taking over the education system: Discuss

Choosing a topic does not have to be such a huge task. The context is what matters most. A primary education dissertation topic can be studied in college but in a more advanced manner.