How to write a dissertation:
10 things PhD holders regret not having done

What makes the difference between a good PhD paper and the average paper? There are so many things that actually can be used to answer this question. Each and every time a teacher is marking your papers, they will note down a few mistakes that you make, or some new surprises that students make in their work that make all the difference between some good and bad work.

For most of the PhD holders, there are some things that they do in their dissertations that hold all the marks or could lose them points. The following are some of the most important things that quite a number of them normally regret not having done:

Consulting the teacher

You should always make sure you consult your teacher when you are working on a task like this one. Not only is it important, but will help you learn a lot about where you are going wrong, and make the necessary amends.

Following instructions

Instructions are usually given for work like this one. You can only ignore them at your own peril. It is based on these instructions that your work will be graded, so it is only fair that you follow them to the latter.

Consult the classmates

You can always learn so much from your classmates. You just need to be open and discuss the task with them, so that they can help you find a way out, especially if you are somehow stuck in one way or the other.

Researching online

Do spare some time for research when you are dealing with this paper. It will go a long way in helping you get the information you need to make the paper a good one in the long run. This is also a good way to ensure that you have the necessary information to write the paper.

Looking for samples

Samples normally help you out a lot. This is because they act as guidelines for you, so that you know what you are supposed to do, based on the work that has been done by other students before you.

Choosing the right topic

Do not just choose a topic because it is fancy. Choose a topic because you know you can handle it well.

Choosing the right introduction

How you introduce your paper and statements will determine whether they are understandable easily or not. This will also help you get some good points in the long run.

Proofreading the paper

You should learn how to proofread your paper, so that you do not send it in for marking with simple mistakes that will cost you so much in the long run.

Timely delivery of the work

Your work must always be delivered on time. It does not matter how good it is, if it is not sent in on time, you will fail for sure. Need help with thesis? Hire a thesis writer online and complete your thesis on time.

These are things that any student worth their salt will have to do at some point in time when working on their paper. If you fail to follow these steps keenly, you can only blame yourself for the grades that you will get when the results come back.

Spend as much time on the task as possible

When you have a task like this one to work on, there is a lot that you need to think about. One of these is the amount of time that you will spend on it. Most students do not devote as much time as they should to their work, and it costs them dearly.

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