Basic Rules For Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

A dissertation literature review is one of the sections that demand a big chunk of the student’s time and energy. One is required to gather enough relevant and credible literature materials to review and see what others have said on the subject of study. For one to present a strong argument, they have to relate the past to the present and the possible future. A good literature review is not just about reading and re-writing books and journals. There is a vivid approach to the same that involves the following basic rules

  • Suitable topic of review: the topic chosen for review must be one that has been studied in the past by several people, yet not exhaustively. This ensures that one gets adequate material for review as well as some gaps to fill in after doing their own research.
  • Take notes: the importance of note taking in any study cannot be over emphasized. What is written down cannot be forgotten hence the need to have a pen a note book ready before starting off with the review.
  • Maintain focus: The materials should be reviewed in a focused manner but still maintain a good range of scope. The review should not go outside the chosen subject of study. This means materials must be vetted for relevance from the word go.
  • Be critical: writing a literature review for a dissertation calls for more than just summarizing what has been written. It involves a critical analysis of the thoughts and ideas of others in relation to the subject.
  • Determine the type of review to do: Literature review can either be mini or full depending on the objectives of the writer and the time available.
  • Include own relevant research: Apart for reviewing other people’s literature, one can include their own research but they have to be very objective in this.
  • Structure: the literature review structure must be logical and systematic. This section is usually lengthy and hectic so if its structure is not captivating the reader may not follow through.
  • Consider previous reviews: As one reviews the literature materials, it is good to consider the reviews made by others on the same. This helps one to be accurate when editing the draft.

Literature review can be quite a task for a student to do by themselves. Seeking dissertation literature review help is always in order so that one can concentrate on the rest of the paper. This help can be sought from academic writing experts.