A List of Popular Dissertation Topics for Newbies

Many newbies writing their first dissertation have trouble selecting a topic. That’s why we come up with lists of popular topics for you to use as is or to draw inspiration from. Try these on for size:

  • In terms of the construction energy, what methods used by strategic project managers have proven to be the most successful in mitigating financial overruns and delays in developing or third-world countries?
  • What are the financial positives and negatives of a single-payer health care system in the United States? Should this be a federal or state issue and what implications will this have on the lower and middle classes with financial struggles?
  • How do sports athletes who make political statements on and off the field affect the brand image of their team and the league? Do you think players should be held liable for their actions if it damages the team or the league’s reputation?
  • How do marketing strategies aim to measure rates of success when there is very little to no competition within their industry? How do consumers factor in to making a product the best it can be when there is no other to compare it to?
  • How effective have anti-bullying programs been at the U.S. high school level? Are poor counseling programs for victims or purveyors of bullying to blame for the lackluster performance of these programs?
  • Will sports athletes’ incomes continue to increase contingent on increased populations and growing wealth in developing countries? Is this an ethical practice or should there be a cap on the amount of money athletes make on sponsorship deals?
  • In what ways has research into the bio-genome sequencing helped pharmaceutical companies gain a stronger position in the prescription drug market? Is it ethical to use science aimed at doing good to increase their own profits?
  • What are the major ethical challenges faced by social care and health research funding? Is this a matter for federal or the states to handle? What about research funded by private donors who are not restricted by ethical boundaries?

These are just a few great ideas you should consider using for your dissertation. If you still want to create one of your own our best advice to you is to brainstorm a few things that interest you and develop those in a way that challenges you and takes you to new and exciting places.