Dissertation Writing 101: How to Start your Paper

A dissertation is a very crucial academic paper normally done at the end of an academic period usually the last semester in college. It can be hectic since it places huge demands on the student’s time and energy. Even though the students could have a whole semester to prepare and write this paper, some keep postponing. Some do this out of sheer laziness while others do not where and how to start. A lot of organizational and time management skills are required for one to produce a quality paper within the given time limit. The following are tips on how one should kick start their paper.

  • Background reading and brainstorming
  • It is important for one to know what is happening within and around them. This will come in handy when choosing an appropriate topic and literature for review. One can go through academic journals in the library as well as newspapers to know what is trending. There is also need to evaluate issues of interest in the mind and see if any of them can form a topic of study.

  • Available literature
  • The second chapter of a dissertation requires one to write a literature review. This is not gathered from any available materials, but from the relevant materials that will help the student to form a substantial argument. The need to know what others have said on the subject of study demands the review of adequate literature. Therefore before even choosing the topic, one must consider the availability of enough materials for review.

  • Get a topic
  • After careful consideration, the student should decide what they want to write about. The topic to a paper is like the head to a body. Every other detail and section of the paper stems out of the topic. When choosing the topic, one must consider its scope and relevance to their discipline. Sometimes the supervisor gives a list of topics to choose from. However, in most cases the student will choose a topic of their own interest.

  • Work plan
  • Since time is limited and academic papers have pre-set deadlines, having a plan of work is very essential. One must draw a schedule of activities and allocate time to each task. This will keep time wasters away and ensure that the student beats the clock.