A Collection Of Strong Forensic Psychology Dissertation Topic Ideas

Basically, dissertations are meant to be educative and not necessarily entertaining like it would be in the case of an essay. However, this does not nullify the need for a catchy topic that appeals to both the emotional and intellectual faculties of the reader. A forensic psychology dissertation should have a topic that presents the human nature right from the start. If one does not connect with the writer in the topic, the rest of the document might as well not avail much.

Studies on issues that involve human behavior are supposed to be as accurate as possible so that solutions to problems can be sought. The topic determines a very important factor of research called the scope. This is the size of the field that a study should cover and it’s supposed to be manageable; neither too wide nor too narrow. For a clinical psychology dissertation, a well done topic will go a long way in giving proper direction to the study. A topic is supposed to be precise yet exhaustive. By reading the topic, one should be able to tell the exact direction that the study is bound to take. The main subject of study is also highlighted in the topic just to prepare the reader for more details to come. The following are topical ideas on forensic psychology:

  1. Managing the factors that affect the rate of juvenile murders
  2. Poor upbringing is the greatest contributor to serial killing: Discuss
  3. Amending gender violence laws to reduce biasness against men
  4. The impact of law enforcement on the private lives of citizens
  5. Technological advancement is the main cause of increased criminal acts
  6. Drug abuse is the major cause of declined employee performance in most organizations
  7. Underage criminals should be treated to the same strict laws as adults
  8. Improving living conditions in prisons as a rehabilitation strategy
  9. Poorly conducted investigations are the major causes of repeat crimes among the youth
  10. Harsh treatment makes more hard core criminals than reformed ones